Helping Hands professional decluttering and organising does more that reorganise your cupboards. We bring peace of mind and new energy and life to your home.

Don’t feel stressed out or ashamed for another moment, Terri is here to help you and best of all, she loves helping people find peace and tranquillity in their homes.

Why should you hire a professional organising service?

A small amount of time invested in organising your home or office means less time wasted looking for things and more time available to do what you love.

An organised home will not only look better visually but you can physically feel the energy shift and this will impact your mood and emotions dramatically. We can help to reduce by decluttering and minimizing, by helping to place everything in a cohesive environment and lastly maintaining, where we will teach you to maintain your home in an organised way.

Moving house or downsizing?

If you’ve found yourself faced with the daunting task of moving your home, or the home of a friend or loved one, or even a deceased estate, we are here to help. Let us handle the time consuming and often tedious job of organising and clearing out your home. Not only is this a great time to declutter, but with our help you can be sure to arrive on the other side organised and ready to unpack.

Do you need a thorough clean out of your home or office?

If you’re feeling like the day to day clutter has accumulated into an overwhelming array of bulging cupboards and overflowing storage containers, then you may need our help. Whether its decluttering and organising your whole house – or a single room or cupboard, we handle it all.

Bedrooms, Lounge, Garage, Laundry, Offices, Kitchen, Bathroom, Pantry.

Examples of services include:

Wardrobe decluttering

Dealing with paper clutter simplify children’s room/toy room

decluttering before moving house

clear out attic/basement

organising your new home after you’ve moved in

deceased estate

How does the professional organising process work?

Terri has developed a passion for organizing and decluttering over the years and is a qualified professional organiser and member of NAPO. With clients throughout New Zealand, from Waikato, Cambridge, Hamilton, she has been changing lives and homes for years. Terri takes time to first understand your particular needs and requirements before starting with the initial declutter. Once this job has been tackled, Terri will assist you in putting in place several simple, yet innovative systems that are easy to maintain after we have left. This way, your home should remain organised long after we have gone.

Helping Hands is here to give you the hands you deserve in your decluttering and organisational needs. If there is something specific you require then let’s have a chat and sort something out. Several full days in a row, or shorter more regular sessions we can work around your needs and budget.

All session are $55.00 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours and thereafter charged per hour.

Please contact Helping Hands to discuss your requirements in more detail.