About us and our tailored cleaning services

Depending on your requirements and routine, it could take a vast support network just to live out your day to day lifestyle. However, with the pace of life today they’re often busy just trying to keep their own heads above water.  Imagine if you had a tailored cleaning service available to you?

Help is a phone call away

That’s where we come in. We founded Helping Hands after seeing the very real need in the homes of our New Zealand community for a helping hand in everyday life. Being a family ourselves, we know what it’s like to need support in not only tough times, but also during the days of normal life. Helping Hands wants to be that support for men, women, and families in and around Tauranga.

Trusted and experienced home cleaning tailored to your needs

This is something we’re certainly qualified for. Armed with the life experience of coping with a young family ourselves; we’ve been equipped to provide empathetic, understanding, and compassionate care for you and your loved ones. As professionally trained cleaners and organisers, we apply painstaking attention to detail to ensure that we leave you with a home that has never been cleaner and more organised. 

We see this as our way of paying it forward. Sharing kindness and showing our community support so that families can rest easy knowing that there is one less thing that needs to be attended to. You can rely on us to pick up the slack and be your village. We love that people will get to see how much passion and love is in this little business of ours.

100% Chemical free

Helping Hands is trained in using all Enjo® Fibres and products, allowing us to use either our extensive range of Enjo® products or your own. We have the utmost faith in Enjo® along with our ability to use them. Should you wish for us to use eco-friendly products instead, let us know and we can arrange this.

Insured for your peace of mind

Helping Hands have public liability insurance and we are happy to hold on to any keys for regular clients. We guarantee the utmost professionalism while we clean and organise your home or look after your precious family in a time of need.

Tailored cleaning services

One of the key components to our success is knowing how to tailor our services to your needs. Where one household may need help multiple times throughout the week, another may only need periodic cleaning. Some homes have schedules that remain consistent, while others will change consistently day to day or week to week. So, whatever your situation, we want you to feel safe, accepted, understood, and cared for by all of us at Helping Hands.